deepin git version

This repository only provides the git version of deepin. You can replace the deepin group in the community by installing the deepin-git group.

The PKGBUILD for all packages are there, Each branch saves the corresponding software.

Before adding this repository, you should first add the key used to sign the packages in it. You can do this by running the following commands:

wget -qO - \
| sudo pacman-key --add -

It is recommended that you now fingerprint it by running

sudo pacman-key --finger DCAF15B4605D5BEB

and in a final step, you have to locally sign the key to trust it via

sudo pacman-key --lsign-key DCAF15B4605D5BEB

More infos on this process can be found at You can now add the repository by editing /etc/pacman.conf and adding

Server =

at the end of the file. See for details.

to install deepin git version:

sudo pacman -Syy deepin-git

If you don’t want to use the repository anymore, you can uninstall deepin git, or install the deepin group in Community.

sudo pacman -Rscn deepin-git

to install deepin group for community.

sudo pacman -S deepin

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