record dde-control-center for the wrong use of cmake

A few weeks ago, the dde-control-center project is switched from qmake to cmake.
Most library use cmake very smoothly, but networkmanager-qt has encountered a problem.

In some library cmake file, it will set environment variable, some like this DtkWidget_INCLUDE_DIRS, or Qt5Gui_PRIVATE_INCLUDE_DIRS, or DtkWidget_LIBRARIES, or Qt5Widgets_LIBRARIES.

But networkmanager-qt not have such a variable, I an not familiar with cmake, so I don’t know the specific role of set_target_propery.

In fact, I only need to use get_target_property function, I will get I want. But I didn’t do this, I hardcoded a path of /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ and /usr/include/KF5/NetworkManagerQt/. This is a disaster! I broke other distributions continued to transplant the new Control Center. Because other distributions not have this files. The build will definitely failed.

@felixonmars is Archlinux maintainer, he first reported the error.The problem has been fixed now, I hope that you will continue to support deepin. happy everyday!